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Automate with ixArma 7

Many customers do not take advantage of the possibilities that our software offers. Because often only a small part of the alerting processes is mapped via our ixArma software suite. Very often, different systems are in use in parallel, although all conceivable emergency scenarios can be mapped and technically implemented via ixArma. If a fire alarm system, gas alarm system, various PLCs (programmable logic controllers), various manufacturers and a building management system (BMS) have to be configured and monitored, things quickly become confusing.

Crisis and Emergency Response

Many company owners, including those of smaller companies, are aware that companies of all sizes are legally obliged to develop and have emergency plans ready for any case of emergency. However, these tasks often take a back seat due to day-to-day business. If something does happen, the reaction is usually inadequate.

Design Update for ixArma 6

INAX is pleased to announce a design update for ixArma 6 (available only for version 5.4.24). The new design comes with a light grey background and fresh colour schemes without giving up existing colours for alarms and status notifications. Customers who signed up for our version 5.4.24 are entitled to this design update to ixArma 6.

ixArma 6 out now

INAX is proud to announce that ixArma 6 (internal version 5.4.24) is out now and available to customers. Apart from a new framework, we implemented some new features that will improve security, stability and usability of our software. Furthermore, the software comes with a brand-new APP (Android and IOS).

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